Our goal is to provide exceptional tree removal and tree maintenance to both the residential and commercial properties. In order to achieve that, Don Taylor Tree Service offers highly trained professionals who are able to meet any hazardous tree challenge. We also offer regular tree maintenance so our clients can enjoy the benefits of healthier, more aesthetic treescapes. Whether you need regular trimming and maintenance or are faced with an extremely dangerous situation, we have the skill and equipment to remove a tree or group of trees in the safest way possible to minimize outlying damage.

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Don Taylor - Tree Professional

Don Taylor

Owner, Climber, Grounds, Maintenance, All Equipment.

Don first got his start in 1996. He became ISA certified in 2004, started his own company in 2008 and hasn’t looked back. His reputation across The Inland Northwest and among his tree service peers and general contractors, places him as the man to call in handling the most dangerous tree jobs. His skill, experience and integrity make him one of the most desired tree service specialists.

Brian - Foreman and Tree Professional


Foreman, Climber, Grounds, Maintenance, All Equipment.

This man can and does it all as Don’s right hand man. He has 11+ years of highly skilled climbing, grounds and supervisory experience. He has been Foreman for 4 years and takes great pride in representing all facets of Don Taylor Tree Service.

chad - Climber and equipment operator


Climber, Grounds, All Equipment.

Meet our newest climber in the Don Taylor Tree Service company. Most of the time, you’ll find Chad climbing his way up a tree to get the job done. When not in the canopy, he’s on the ground performing site cleanup.

Cam - Climber and Equipment Operator


Climber, Grounds, All Equipment.

Most of the time, you’ll find Cam on the ground, ensuring the climbers safety, refueling saws, site cleanup or manning the Chipper. There are occasions that you can find him up in the canopy. He has been with Don Taylor for several seasons.

Matt - Grounds and Equipment Operator


Grounds, All Equipment.

You can find Matt ready to drag debris from the drop zone, send up a refueled saw to a climber, site cleanup, or manning the Chipper. He has been with Don Taylor for 3 years.